John J. Foristall
The Natural Existence (Life Coach)
Phone: (914) 486-4989

Often times, we are held captive by personal beliefs instilled in us at an early age. These beliefs paralyze our growth and limit our progress in life.

When we believe we are defective or defeated, we are unwilling to try. Personal coaching can help us discover ways to break free of inhibiting beliefs. It also can help develop and affirm us. We can rid ourselves of low self-esteem and shame-based messages to become whole, happy and truly free individuals.

Personal coaching “ in essence, a cheerleader for your life “ can:

  • Help you free yourself from self-limiting beliefs
  • Purge negative self-images
  • Help you feel empowered to choose a direction in life instead of being driven to a direction by fear, impulse or compulsion.
  • Eliminate destructive habits, addictions or compulsions.
  • Fill your life with feelings of high personal esteem.
  • Enable you to feel inspired and, as a result, develop progressive, worthwhile, predetermined goals leading to feelings of well being, high self-esteem and movement toward success.